Live an unforgettable diving experience in Lanzarote

Diving is, without doubt, one of the most complete sensations that humans can experience. To dive into the sea and visualize the marine fauna is many adventurers desire who only need a few technical tips to enter into the ocean. Here below, we tell you what you need to know to live this diving experience in Lanzarote, one of the favorite places to practice this sport.

A safe way to get to know the sea

Diving makes it possible to discover the sea´s secret spots. This sport allows us to get to know a new world, out of the usual and improves your mood, reducing stress levels. That is why taking a diving course can change your life.
Far from what is thought usually, to go diving you don´t need to be an expert swimmer or to be in a good shape. The diving centers in Lanzarote provide the basic knowledge necessary to make a safe and fun dive, so that the experience is really rewarding.

Diving courses in Lanzarote, in the hands of experts

Deep Team is one of the most experienced diving schools in the country. Their staff are professionals with many accumulated experience, both in recreational, technical and professional diving, they have got a diving center in Lanzarote where they offer IANTD and PADI courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels.

One way to experience diving in Lanzarote is through recreational diving, aimed at those who have never gone diving or those ones who just want to feel again this diving pleasure. It is a course that teaches the basics of diving, with dives up to 40m deep.

Once the recreational diving is done, the next step is to make a deeper exploration of the sea and for this there is the Technical diving that allows you to go for a more demanding and extreme diving.

Advanced diving courses in Lanzarote

Now, if what you want is to increase your diving skills and to receive a certification with you will be able make a living off teaching this exciting sport, you can follow the Divemasters training programs offered by Deep Team.

With the Divemaster course you will receive the first professional training level. It lasts 15 days in its standard version or 2 months for intership and has first level certifications, valid worldwide thanks to its ISO and RSTC approvals.

Surfing and diving holidays in Lanzarote

An excellent alternative to fully enjoy the sea is to combine surfing sessions with scuba diving and Calima Surf Lanzarote in collaboration with Deepteam provides us with that possibility, for beginners, intermediate and advanced courses.

This surf and diving camp allows you to live the diving experience in different places of Lanzarote, with options that include dives both in the pool and in the open sea, in crystal clear waters or in sunken boats. The experience may include an immersion to the famous Atlantic Museum in Lanzarote.

Calima Surf school in Canary islands recognized since 1996, the most spectacular surfing and diving vacations, as well as other activities like kitesurfing, windsurfing, yoga and healthy camps. More than 1500 students of different nationalities have visited this center and it has accommodation within Famara´s nature reserve.

Now that you know this incredible way to enjoy the ocean, dare to live this diving and surfing experience in Lanzarote, be amazed by the spectacular marine fauna.