Technical, recreational and professional diving center in A Coruña and Lanzarote

After many years working in the diving industry we realized that there was another way to see the underwater world, closer to the needs of the client, with higher than average levels of teaching quality.

That is why we decided to found our own chain of centers, in which we try to recover the pursuit of excellence in all areas of training, from the simplest dive baptisms to the most demanding immersions of confined or trimix environments.

In DeepTeam we only offer personalized training and focused on extracting the best from each of our students, so that they can then safely and comfortably enjoy scuba diving, whatever the environment in which they do it.

For this we use the training programs of IANTD pioneer agency in the Diver training and internationally recognized for its levels of excellence and its wide range of programs.

Come to DeepTeam and you will discover that what previously seemed to you to impossible, our hand will become fun and enjoyable.

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