From the shore to the abyss
Veril de fariones map
If something stands out this submarine cliff compared to the rest of those that we can find in Playa Grande is for its depth and the height of the walls. In addition, the rocks next to the muezzin of Fariones are a true aquarium, ideal also for the “snorkel” and safety stops.

The underwater cliffs of Puerto del Carmen are a perfect place to observe the passage of migratory species that live in the blue. This is the case of tunas, bonito, amberjacks or wahoo. In this place the great dreams of every diver have come true: sight devil blankets, dolphins, turtles or the gigantic rorquals. Will you be one of the lucky people?

There are many dives that can be done in this stretch of coast, especially deep dives. It is the Canary Islands with the steepest slope close to the coast and comfortable access from land, reaching the immense forests of black coral, beyond 60 m, in just a few minutes swimming from the beach.

In this place the big groupers to which the huge walls give shelter, as well as the gerardias and the giant anemones that grow in the veril and, of course, the black coral forests only accessible for the technical diving due to the depth in which they are. There are not a few people who have their dives referred to in these walls.

Puerto del Carmen
Min depth:
0 meters
Max depth:
+40 meters
From boat or land
17 – 24 degrees