A battle won by the fish
Pecios quiquere map
These three wooden fishing boats, built during the last century with the firm intention of facing the ocean to snatch the fish, have paradoxically ended their days at the bottom of the sea being the home of those who once were their prey.

The two shallowest ships are practically whole. On the contrary, the deepest one presents a phantasmagorical aspect with its frames leaving the keel which ribs of a vertebral column.

The turquoise blue of the water and the ease of access invite you to enter with glasses and tube. From the coast, we descend the cliffs to the shore, where we will start the dive. For diving with bottles, we will submerge perpendicular to the shore until we reach the first two vessels. It is preferable to leave the third wreck to access from a boat, due to the depth and distance to which it is located. In this way, we can explore the ships or stop to dig into the sand because it hides angels, sea eagles and large mongrels. We must always control the dive computer because it is easy to need a decompression stop ..

Puerto del Carmen
Min depth:
0 meters
Max depth:
30 meters
From land or boat
17 – 24 degrees