A cliff full of life
As much as we repeat this dive, it will always be short. The incredible veril he runs through hides all kinds of surprises such as striking gerardias hanging, a branch of orange coral, Swiss vaquitas or large groupers and trumpet fish always attentive to our movements.

In the upper part, just 5 m deep, a large group of rocks is home to all kinds of small beings that we can enjoy both at the security stop and doing “snorkeling”.

The most comfortable way to do the tour is from boat, descending directly to the veril where we can look for life on both the giant wall and the blue. In the western part of the veril, at the foot, there grow some striking gerardias that do not go unnoticed. Walking the wall, before we know it, the computer will warn that it is time to get out of the water. We will ascend to the surface rocks and, enjoying the life that bustles in them, we will have made the security stop thanks to the entertainment that the biodiversity that they shelter.

If the access is from the coast, it is advisable to sail on the surface to start diving in the deepest part, shortening the route and finish the dive ascending with the slope of the bottom.

Puerto del Carmen
Min depth:
5 meters
Max depth:
30 meters
From boat or land
17 – 24 degrees