The mere Felix shows us his mansion
La catedral map
This is one of the most popular dives in Lanzarote and maybe it is because, in the cave that receives the name of Cathedral, there lives the most famous animal of the Island, the great grouper that local divers call Felix.

The immersion is comfortable and very complete; we have vertical walls where to look for hidden life, immense sandbanks where we can observe chuchos and angels, caves with all kinds of fauna and even a small wreck in case we are interested in approaching him.

The route to reach the cave crosses a sandy area that offers the opportunity to surprise us with the amount of life that can be found in what is apparently a desert. We can observe garden eels, spider fish, lizard fish, tapaculos, sand crabs, angels and schools of fish such as mullets, blacksmiths or salemas.

When arriving at the veril it is very probable that a curious grouper is waiting for us and accompanies us in part of the route. Before the cave we can find a small branch of black coral that will allow you to get an idea of ​​what the great forests that are deep can be. The return is made, in front of Playa Chica, on a shallow background that will entertain us during the security stop.

Puerto del Carmen
Min depth:
0 meters
Max depth:
32 meters
From land or boat
17 – 24 degrees