A window to the depths

Agujero azul map

It is one of the most famous dives in Puerto del Carmen, perhaps due to the adventure component that it offers. The Blue Hole is a tunnel that connects the shallow area of ​​sand with the veril wall that descends to depths of vertigo.

In this dive you can observe almost any animal; from seahorses hidden among the capes of the bottom, angels and big dogs to majestic blankets, as some lucky people have been able to enjoy. Without a doubt it is an immersion that deserves to be repeated.

The most common way to do this dive is from the ground. Entering the stairs of the small beach of Playa Chica, you will go through the shallow area, always full of schools of fish. From there you descend through the large submerged dunes, crossing the field of garden eels, to the entrance of the Blue Hole, a small tunnel of short distance and a lot of charm when entering the sand and going out into open waters. In the veril there are several interesting caves and hollows where to look for life, from swarms of narwhal shrimp to a small orange coral and great diversity of fish. This is also an ideal point for the observation of pelagic so it is advisable not to lose sight of the blue

Puerto del Carmen
Min depth:
0 meters
Max depth:
35 meters
From boat or land
17 – 24 degrees