Life in the Deep Blue
Cueva de las gambas map
The Playa Chica cliff hides many nooks and crannies worth visiting. The Cueva de las Gambas (Shrimp Cave) is one of them. At the foot of the cliff, at a depth of about 40 m, a cave gives shelter to swarms of narval shrimp. Dusky groupers lie in wait for the shrimp inside the dark cave and do not hesitate to pounce on them when they become visible by the light of our flashlights.

The uniqueness and richness of the caves along the Puerto del Carmen cliff are so great that Europe has declared it a “Special Conservation Site” within the Natura 2000 Network.

The dive begins at the Playa Chica stairs or, if we go by boat, at the anchor buoy. From here, you can go down to the foot of the cliff, cross the field of gardener eels, and descend along the impressive wall.

Under 25 – 30 m, the Atlantic damselfish give way to the fairy basslet and sea slugs which begin to appear. The sea slugs have an amazing shape and intense violet color. Upon arriving at the cave, enter carefully and draw close to one of the cavities where the narval shrimp take refuge. Within a few minutes, decompression will be necessary and you will need to begin your ascent, knowing that the shallow area offers us a perfect
environment for making our security stop.

Puerto del Carmen
Min depth:
0 meters
Max depth:
+40 meters
Land or boat
17 – 24