The machine turned into a source of life
Rabat map
The name of this fishing boat gives a good account of the preferential course that it had planned, the African coast. With the breaking of the agreement with Morocco, after losing the possibility of continuing to fish in the Canarian-Saharan bank, many ships were sunk in Lanzarote. This is one of them, but it did not reach the great depths where it was destined. A flaw in the blast caused that they had to approach it at cost, finishing within reach of the dive.It is an old purse seiner of about 35 m in length that today rests, in excellent condition, at the foot of the reef, lying down and showing its great propeller at about 32 m depth.

The immersion is very simple, if there are no strong currents. Descending the anchor line continues to the propeller, which is the deepest part. Beside it, a small hollow is generated where large breams take refuge and will not hesitate to leave before our presence. We continue aft, passing by its ramp, where once the nets were turned and that today leads us to the winery. From here you can walk the entire deck of the ship to finish ascending the starboard side to less depth. On the outside of the bridge you can still see part of the ship’s name.In this dive it is easy to see pelagic species, so we have to be attentive to the blue so as not to miss the opportunity.

Min depth:
18 meters
Max depth:
34 meters
17 – 24 degrees