Trip to the bowels of the volcano
The volcanic spectacular of the island offers us a completely different sculptural landscape in this dive and presents us with a magnificent volcanic tube through which we can travel as if we were in an elevator. This wide cave has an infinity of skylights that generate a unique atmosphere.In the area there are other points worth visiting, such as the Elevador Chico or Puerto Moro, characterized by a volcanic landscape with hollows, tunnels and large arches.

From the entry point there are two alternative routes. The first takes us to the Grande Elevator.We found him swimming almost 200 meters on a 170º course. The volcanic tube descends from 15 m to 30 m and has several windows along the route that illuminate the interior. On its walls, upholstered with sponges, hide a lot of narwhal shrimp. This dive requires an advanced level of diving.

The second route takes us to the area known as Puerto Moro and the Chico Elevator. Swimming 100m in a 65º direction we reach the bottom, a rock that juts out of the water. It is a very interesting alternative for less experienced people since it has a spectacular cave under it as well as passageways and arches. Following up to 30 m, we found a small volcanic tube less than 10 m long also with several skylights known as the Chico Elevator.

Min depth:
0 meters
Max depth:
28 meters
17 – 24 degrees