Yesterday we successfully completed a large research project. Thanks to the help of fellow divers who have done an impressive research work, we were able to bring to light the remains of another piece of history on our shores. A steam merchant with clear signs of being torpedoed or hit by a projectile on its side of port. Now we are left with more research dives to name these magnificent shipwreck.

We would like to thank all the members of IANTD who have participated in the dive: Bruno Rivera, José Maria Troiteiro, Santiago Salido and our GUE partner, Fran GT.

Also, and perhaps the most important for the research, logistics and support during the dive: Manuel Ouro, Anxo, Jesus and all the members of IANTD Servigasa center that helped us to find the shipwreck in the first hit.

Data of the immersion

Maximum depth 95 meters

Bottom gas 14/60

Gases deco 30/30 Ean 50% and pure O2

Total runtime 118 minutes

Water temperature 13 degrees

We will keep you informed of the progress of the project